What’s It All About?

This blog is about a lot of things, but at its heart, it’s about living the way Christ intended for us. That’s the message I hope to carry as I drop my various thoughts and ideas.

Another subject you will find posts on is writing. I want to give all writers out there my personal experience in the art and what I have learned since beginning this journey back in November 2011.

Historical apologetics and scholarship are other recent additions to the site. I see so many misconceptions of the Christian doctrine, so shedding some light and understanding it is something that is important to me.

In the end, if there’s one thing this blog will never stray from, it’s the glorious Gospel of Christ. I hope this blog encourages you and educates in every way possible.

Commenting Guidelines

Since beginning apologetics, I’ve seen how the majority of internet atheists respond to their opponents so I have set comments on the site to be approved by the administrator for a couple of reasons. These commenting guidelines should clear some things up.

1. Any comments containing profanity or any sort of abusive or vulgar language will not be published. I commonly see those against religion post a comment on a Christian site (mainly a facebook or youtube channel) using profanity. Intentional language will be banned.

2. Irrelevant arguments will not be posted. This is something I see just as often as vulgar language. Bringing up Santa on a post about Greco-Roman Biographies is unprofessional and will not be posted. Please don’t divert from the subject of the post you’re commenting on. I will allow a little off-hand commentary, but any further will be banned.

3. Offensive or immature name calling will be banned. Calling Jesus “Jeebus” or “bronze age sky daddy” (or anything immature like those) will not be allowed. Also the use of racially offensive and derogatory terms such as “desert people” or “illiterate sheepherders” will be banned.

4. Comments containing nothing but “this is dumb” or “this guy is an idiot” will result in a ban.

5. This probably won’t ever happen, but please don’t object to censorship or the fact that I moderate comments. If you’re curious to know why that’s fine.

6. Really long comments may get a ban if they break rule number 2.

7.  I’ve not experienced this too much, but if you’re going to reblog me with an objection, please make sure you understand the topic or argument at hand. Misrepresenting my arguments multiple times will result in a ban.

8. Finally, posting an argument or accusation showing that you didn’t read the post will be banned if you show no attempt to right the error.

In the end, WordPress is often a much more professional base than youtube (where these guidelines are really needed), but just to be sure, these guidelines should help keep the ill-intentioned critics away. I’m more than happy to have an intelligent conversation with anyone who’s curious, has questions, and is willing to learn.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “What’s It All About?

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