The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

Welcome to the hub page on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the very foundation on which the Christian faith stands. Do we have good reason to believe Jesus rose from the dead? I believe we do and after years of research, I’ve compiled a summary of everything I have learnt here.


Why a Resurrection?

Defining The Resurrection:

  1. Jewish Tradition
  2. Rebuttal To A Spiritual Resurrection
  3. A Spiritual Resurrection And Paul’s Conversion

Origin Of The Resurrection Belief

  1. Pagan Comparisons
  2. Jewish Expectations

The Historical Evidence For The Resurrection

  1. The Crucifixion
  2. The Post-Mortem Claims Of The Disciples
  3. The Conversion Of Paul
  4. Objections To The Conversion Of Paul
  5. The Conversion Of James

The Empty Tomb

  1. Buried In Disgrace
  2. The Woman At The Tomb
  3. The Decomposition Theory
  4. The Wrong Tomb Theory
  5. The Stolen Body Theory
  6. A Defense Of The Guards At The Tomb

The Rise Of Christianity

  1. The Martyrdom Of The Apostles
  2. The Conspiracy Theory
  3. The Hallucination Theory
  4. The Evil Twin Theory
  5. Objection Against The 500 Witnesses
  6. Did Some Doubt The Resurrection?

The Social Factor

  1. Christianity In The Eyes Of Outsiders
  2. The Shame Of The Crucifixion
  3. The Genealogical Association
  4. The Geographical Association
  5. The Rejection Of The New
  6. The Ethical Standard
  7. The Connection To History
  8. The Incarnation
  9. Social Distinctions
  10. Challenging The Faith
  11. Early Conversion Numbers