The Divine Claims of Jesus Christ

The answer to the identity of Jesus Christ is the most important question any of us could ever ask. This series provides a simple but thorough answer to this life-changing question.

Introductory Articles:

  1. Summary of the Divine Claims of Jesus Christ.
  2. Are the Divine Claims a Product of Legend?

The Trilemma:

  1. Was Jesus a Liar?
  2. Was Jesus Mistaken?
  3. Was Jesus a Lunatic?

The Individual Claims:

  1. The Son of Man
  2. ABBA Father
  3. The Wisdom of God
  4. I AM
  5. YHWH

Miscellaneous Objections:

  1. The Disciples’ Fear
  2. Why Did Jesus Not Use the Name “God”?
  3. Why Did Jesus Tell the Leper to Keep Quiet?
  4. Does Jesus Deny His Divine Identity in Mark 10:18?
  5. Why Did Jesus Lie In John 7?
  6. Did Jesus Fear Death?