How The Triumph Is Undone

The gospel is a triumph and a triumph is the gospel. These words bind everything I know to be true into one beautiful turn of phrase. But how is it undone by the adversary and the western world’s largest religion?

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The Work of Salvation (or How Religion Rejects the Gift)

It is taught that the salvation of God through Christ is a gift available to all, free of all charge. However, it is also taught that this very salvation will not be experienced by all. Can something be so free yet so disastrously conditional?

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Our Certain Joy: Eonian Vs. Eternal Life

There is no Christian doctrine, and likewise no stumbling block, more dividing than the concepts of eternal life and eternal torment. However, are such concepts found in Scripture or has Christianity missed another rich truth?

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Answering The Friendly Atheist Pt.4: 25 Bad Reasons To Believe In God

A few years ago I responded to a few videos from atheist activist Hemant Mehta (which you can find here, here, and here) and I thought I’d settle back into the flow of things with a fun response to one of his new videos.

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