How The Triumph Is Undone

The gospel is a triumph and a triumph is the gospel. These words bind everything I know to be true into one beautiful turn of phrase. But how is it undone by the adversary and the western world’s largest religion?

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The Work of Salvation (or How Religion Rejects the Gift)

It is taught that the salvation of God through Christ is a gift available to all, free of all charge. However, it is also taught that this very salvation will not be experienced by all. Can something be so free yet so disastrously conditional?

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Sin & Grace: Did Jesus Suffer The Wrath of God?

One of the leading doctrines of atonement is that Jesus, whilst on the cross, took the wrath of God deserved for us upon Himself. But is this view supported by the context or have we misunderstood the cross?

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Our Wonderful Helplessness

Have you ever felt helpless? Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you prayed, or no matter how much you believed, you still felt imperfect? That you could never truly please God or make the right choice? Have I got a Gospel for you.

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