The Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus: The Crucifixion

The central claim of the Christian faith is the proclamation of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom come. It is the miracle that began a movement that would change the world. But what is the evidence that this grand miracle ever occurred? Do we have good reasons to believe that Jesus really did die and rise again or is it nothing more than a wild superstition?

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The Resurrection of Jesus: Why A Resurrection?

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the centrepiece of Christianity. We can posit, with a number of arguments, that a god can theoretically exist, but the Resurrection of Jesus is what takes us to Christianity. Can the Resurrection be historically proven beyond a reasonable doubt, or is our faith nothing more than baseless superstition? Let’s begin our look into the most important historical investigation of all-time.

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Does John Say We Will Perform Miracles Even Greater Than Jesus’?

In the Gospel of John Jesus tells His disciples that they will go on to perform works even greater than His. Is Jesus telling His followers that they will perform miracles that will surpass His own?

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