Come Expecting?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Come expecting a miracle”? What happens when the miracle doesn’t seem to come? Maybe we’re looking for the wrong miracles.

We toss this phrase around a lot in Christian circles. It’s usually during the announcement of an upcoming event or service as it helps build hype and excitement for future events. However, what happens when God doesn’t move? What happens when we don’t see that miracle, or receive that healing? Does it mean God doesn’t feel like moving or is there something more?

I’m no stranger to the excitement of wanting to see God move. It’s certainly not a bad thing, far from it. Nevertheless, if we don’t see that miracle, there’s always a hint of disappointment hiding beneath our skin, even though we may smile and say “What a night!” So why doesn’t God move every time we’re expecting? The truth is, He is, every night, and every day.

The problem is, we’ve fixed our focus on what we think are the big miracles, rather than the important ones. Some may call these “small” miracles, but there really is no such miracle as a small miracle. Each and every one is important and amazing. God does seemingly little things here and there just to show He cares for each and every aspect of our lives.

The amazing thing is, He’s moving in us all the time. He’s changing us from the inside out, little by little.

As was the case for me, I used to attend church with the hope that’d I get something out of it. That I’d feel the rush of His presence or hear a word that seemed tailor-made for me, and more often than not I left disappointed. It was always when I didn’t expect a miracle that I felt His touch and I received an inspiring word. I learned later on not to attend a church service with an expectation for my own gain in mind, but with an expectation to give. To give all my worship to God, and to give all my love to the people around me. I began thanking God for the work He was doing, even though I couldn’t see or feel it.

We all produce expectations when it comes to any event, that’s something that will never change. But the way God moves, and the miracles He performs, who’s to say they can’t come from you?