The Mask of Perfection

Are we perfect, or is our perfection but a mere cover-up?

Constantly I see Christians try to run the race of perfection. If they’d be a good witness in their own lives. If only they could hide their true selves will they be respected and esteemed. But are we really that spotless Christian we picture ourselves to be, or are we putting on a facade that hides who we really are?

If we search ourselves, pull out everything in our hearts, I’m more than certain what we’ll find would be ugly, but we hide all that’s wrong and force only what’s good in our lives to surface. I once believed that if unbelievers will see how righteous we are, they’ll see how good Christ is. But grace didn’t save me because I did good, grace saved me because I did wrong. I didn’t earn grace because it was impossible. Jesus already earned it for me.

The mask of perfection only serves to bring a falseness to the Gospel. If we’re to be a witness, we need to throw off our masks. Come out from behind our facades and show the world who we really are. I don’t want my actions glorified, I want Christ’s. I want to fall to my knees so that He would be lifted high. His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Our masks will only fail us. They cut off our dependency on God and His bride and they isolate us from the saving grace of God. It’s like a child who says, “Don’t help me, I can do it.” I think all parents know what happens then! This temporal world isn’t meant to be the place we find perfection in! This world is where we learn to fully rely on God, His Word, and His will for our lives. We’ve gained perfection through His blood.

Jesus is our righteousness, and when we let Him work in us that’s when people see the Lord for who He really is. He is full of love and compassion, and He is good. I pray that my own works count as nothing and that I am an honest and mighty sinner.

When we’re not honest with each other, when we’re hiding who we really are from one another, people will see through it. Transparency is something we fail at, badly, but I thank the Lord that He knows my heart and I rejoice boldly in the grace He’s given me despite my sinful nature.

Putting away our masks isn’t a call to let go in sin, it’s a call to rejoice in what Jesus has done. And believe me, joy is a contagious thing.