An Impacting End

As all writers know, one of the most difficult parts in the process of writing a novel is the end. The end has to tie everything together, be satisfying, leave an impact, and be the most memorable part of the book. With that in mind, writing the end of my newest novel has been the hardest part of the process.

I’ll make no bones about it, writing this novel hasn’t been easy. I’ve had at least eight different versions of the end, most of them pretty crazy as I can see now. My endings have been over the top, complex, implausible, and just downright ridiculous. But I believe I’ve finally found the ending I’ve been looking for (and if you’re a writer, I think you’ll understand that peace you feel when you know you’ve got that perfect end). The ending I’ve been looking for wasn’t the over the top, action packed grand finale that I dreamed. The perfect ending was actually the simplest ending. The ending that took the story to its climax, not the climax to the story.

Yes, it’s emotional (at least it is for me) and suspenseful and all the juicy stuff a good climax should have, but it’s simple.

Now it’s gotten me thinking (which is where this post comes in), why do we dream and strive to write the most over the top ending to our own stories, or in other words, our own lives? We want our endings to be impactful so we do everything it says in the book. So why aren’t we leaving a positive mark on the lives of those who read us?

I think in this day and age, we do all we can to write our stories for us. We strive for wealth, a high mark of education, fame and popularity, and in one word, success. All these things are great, don’t get me wrong, but a writer shouldn’t write just for his own fulfilment, he needs to write with his audience in mind, which is one of the main keys to success if you’re to write.

As in my ending, the most impactful ending is the most simple. By living and writing our stories for those around us, and not just for our own gain, we will always leave a positive and memorable mark on those who know us. So should we strive to be successful? Yes, but lets share that success with others. Lets write the most memorable ending that revolves around that simple word: love.

It’s always the simple, little things we do towards others that make us great. It’s the words we say, and the selfless, ordinary things we do. And when others read our story, they’ll remember it when they write their own.