The Destruction of the End Times: Compliant or Defiant?

So I heard this story not long ago about a preacher who predicted a major plane crash. I don’t know the preacher’s name, nor would I reveal it if I knew it, but what he predicted came to pass, and it killed many. It got me wondering, if God gives us visions like this, then why are we receiving them? Why do we need to know about future destruction that doesn’t even concern us?

I don’t know the entire story, but I’ve seen other people prophesy coming disasters and they do nothing about it. Surely God doesn’t show us these terrible things only to have us enjoy them when they come to pass? Surely He doesn’t reveal these things to us just so we can watch it happen and say, “I told you so”?

So are these visions warnings? Are they similar to the visions Noah received before he built the ark? If so, why aren’t we doing anything about it?

I’ll be honest, as that’s what this blog is all about, and say that a Christian who stands by, knowing the disaster is going to happen, only to watch people be killed when it does, is pretty much the opposite of what Jesus called us to do. For each soul that’s lost in a disaster, my spirit mourns. I’m deeply grieved and filled with anguish with each person that dies having rejected Christ. I think it’s time we were filled with anguish for the lost, and to depart from our compliance of the increasing disaster of the end times and to defy it. What I mean by that is to pray against anything that would send someone to their graves.

Jesus’ whole mission on earth was to defy our death and to redeem us. He knew we were headed to destruction, and He came to earth to become the slain lamb so that we could be saved. Why are we not doing the same? I apologize if I come across as angry, but I’m hurt. Not only by the unsaved souls lost, but by those who comply to the unbeliever’s destruction.

I’ll add that some may say prophesy’s regarding destruction are already set, especially those in the Bible, but why has God revealed to us these things? I’ve come to believe that they’re there to prepare us for the second coming of Jesus, and to prepare, I mean to fulfill and follow God’s will; and if Jesus is God in person, wouldn’t His will for us be to follow in His steps, even to the cross? In laying down our lives for the lost? I can’t see the Christian life lived any other way.