The Fray: How to Save a Life (Saving Those Who Are Lost)

I’m going to break the norm today, and instead of doing an album review like I’d usually do around this time, I’m going to write a post around a classic, and one of my favourite songs, How to Save a Life, by the band, the Fray.

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A Life of Prosperity

Today, I’m going to talk about prosperity. Doesn’t that make you want to stop reading? I’m sure we’ve all heard the messages. “God wants you to prosper.” “Live for Him and He will bless you.” And my personal favourite, “The Lord will richly bless your financial life.” We’ve heard it all before, and honestly, it’s starting to grow old.



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The Lord’s Prayer: We Are the Redeemed

Next in the series on the Lord’s prayer is, “Forgive us our sins.” Right now, I think we can all be honest and say that we pray that part of the prayer more than any other. We’re constantly asking God to forgive our sins. We’re constantly repenting for the things we’ve done, whether it’s something we say, think, or do. A day doesn’t go by where we don’t say, “I repent!”

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