A Good Christian?

In the last post, I talked about how we’re all bad Christians, but I want to conflict with that for a moment, and reveal the secret to being a good Christian.

What is a good Christian? One who never sins? If you answered with that, you’ll be wrong. It’s impossible to never sin, only Jesus lived up to that standard, and to be sinless is, well, blasphemy. We’ll be taking Jesus’ place if that was the case, and if we can be sinless, that would be evidence that Jesus was only a man! Jesus wasn’t just a man, He was the sinless lamb of God!

So how can we become like that? How can we be “good” Christians. It’s simple: Let it go.

That’s right, let it all go. Let go of yourself. Stop trying to be a good Christian. Stop trying to look like the most spiritual one of them all, because you’re honestly not if you think that way. Good Christians die to themselves and they make God their everything. Not their works, not their missions or their goals, God. Jesus Christ. Jesus was dead to sin, and He lived in the presence of His father.

The Lord is asking you to come to Him, not work your way up,trying to beat everyone else. A good way to see it is as a staircase to the throne. We think Jesus sits on top of this high staircase, and the only way to get there is to climb, and you can only climb by doing good. By being holy. But no one ever gets there. The truth is, Jesus sits directly before us, and we’re running everywhere except into His arms. “I have to pray more if I’m to get closer to God.” “I have to refrain from talking to my worldly friends in order to be holy.” “I have to join this youth group and work for the church, and if I don’t God will reject me.” These are just some of the lies we’ve been taught, and it’s time we stopped listening.

Being a good Christian is to confess that you aren’t! Confess your sins one to another, and rest in the knowledge that God’s grace is sufficient.

Another thing Christians tend to do is they create their own group. They class themselves as almost a whole different species to the unsaved. The truth is, most times, we’re just as bad, if not worse. Jesus sat and ate with the sinners. His main purpose for coming was for the unsaved!

The thing is, we’re no different than those in the world, except we know Christ. We have the cure to sin’s disease (a little nod to my novel in progress)! So to look down on people, no matter what they may be doing, defeats the purpose of being a Christian.

And if you think all this gives you free ground to sin, like I said before, it will only hurt you.

So in the end, to be a “good” Christian is to admit that you’re not one, and to give everything you are to Christ. Replace your life, with His!

God Bless, ’til next time!