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The Concept of Clean and Unclean

When the Bible talks about ritual purity and laws regarding clean and unclean practises, it’s vitally important to note the social context of such passages in order to attain a clearer understanding.

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An Intro to Biblical Exegesis.

An exceptional introduction to a vital aspect of Biblical knowledge by fellow apologist James Bishop.

James Bishop's Theology & Apologetics.


Much of our Biblical Studies course focuses on the art of biblical interpretation. We do this by analysing our biblical text via three key lenses: the world-behind-the-text, the world-of-the-text and the world-in-front-of-the-text. This builds a solid foundation upon which we can perform exegetical work. We shall touch on the importance of exegesis (interpreting a text) as well as very briefly on the three lenses just mentioned.

Why is interpretation necessary? Why is it important?

The obvious case is that the Bible, independent of the book we focus on, is an act of communication between an author (the sender) and an audience (the receivers). There is intentionality behind our biblical texts whether that would be the author trying to get his audience to change their minds or behaviour about circumstances. In other words, our authors have goals and reasons for why they are writing in the first place.

However, we must…

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Bible Contradictions: Micah 7:18 vs. Jeremiah 17:4

It’s time to answer another quick Bible contradiction offered by the skeptics. This one is on the issue of God’s anger.

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Religion Vs. Relationship?

“Christianity is a relationship, not a religion,” is one of the church’s most popular phrases. But is it true? Are relationship and religion really polar opposites?

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Paying the Ransom

I see a lot of critics throw out verses of OT law in order to enforce the “barbaric” nature of the Bible. Are these laws truly disgusting, or did the ancients have something else in mind?

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The Mystery of Worship

Worship is one of the biggest images of our faith’s identity. Hands lifted high. But isn’t it self-centered of God to create us just for this purpose, or is there something more?

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Bible Contradictions: 1 John 1:8-10 vs. 1 John 3:9

It’s time to look at another Bible contradiction offered up by the critics. This topic is on the issue of sin.

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The Hiddenness of God and the Demand for Evidence

“No game of hide and seek lasts this long.” It’s an objection to Christianity brought forth by many skeptics. Let’s take a deeper look into the heart of this challenge. Continue reading “The Hiddenness of God and the Demand for Evidence”

Jesus Fact #4 – Crucifixion (Full Historical Investigation).

Brilliant Easter article!

James Bishop's Theology & Apologetics.


Scholarly consensus on Jesus’ crucifixion:

Perhaps one of the best attested facts about Jesus is that he was crucified, a fact that many independent sources attest to. According to scholar James Dunn the crucifixion is of the “two facts in the life of Jesus command almost universal assent” and that it “rank[s] so high on the ‘almost impossible to doubt or deny’ scale of historical facts” (1). Likewise, skeptical critic Bart Ehrman tells us that: “The crucifixion of Jesus by the Romans is one of the most secure facts we have about his life” (2).

Scholar Luke Timothy Johnson (whose work we use as our course material for New Testament Studies) tells us that: “The support for the mode of his death, its agents, and perhaps its coagents, is overwhelming: Jesus faced a trial before his death, was condemned and executed by crucifixion” (3). Atheist historian Gerd Ludemann affirms that…

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Easter Message: Ravi Zacharias, The Four Gardens

As Easter approaches, I’d like to take this time to share a classic message by Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias, titled the Four Gardens.

Q&A – The General Reliability of the New Testament.

Apologist James Bishop answers this great question.

James Bishop's Theology & Apologetics.


“Is the New Testament trustworthy as historical document on Jesus and other things? Many sceptics do not think so.”


Is the New Testament (NT) trustworthy? My answer would be yes but we need to first clarify some things.

Trustworthy I take to mean that I can place my trust in X, and in this case our NT is in question. In other words, can I trust that the NT does record Jesus’ movements, activities, and words etc. Do I think that they do this?

Yes, I do. However, I don’t wish to extend my confidence beyond what I can when I approach Jesus through a historical lens. For example, historical criterion (known as the criterion of authenticity) establishes certain NT events as historically plausible; which means that the described events have a high degree of historical probability. Some events rate so high on this scale that no historian…

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The Argument of Morality: Pt.7, Euthyphro’s Dilemma and Other Arguments

In this seventh and possibly final entry into the argument of morality, we take a look at the theistic answer itself and examine the arguments posed against it.

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A Troubling Verse: Psalm 137:9

It’s a verse a lot of critics bring up as an example of the cruel nature of the Christian doctrine. So is this moral? In a way, yes.

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Apologetics: The Reality of Hell

It’s a common and controversial possibility. But is the common view of Hell the right view, or does the Bible describe something different?

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The Argument of Morality Pt.6: The Happy End

In the final of naturalism’s answers for the reality of moral truths, we turn to human biology. Its goal: A happy end.

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