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The Christian and the Tithe

It’s a debate that’s hot even today. Are Christians to tithe? Is it Biblical or unbiblical? Is it under law or under grace? Let’s take a look at this dividing practice.

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What is the Love of God?

When we describe the love of God we often picture a kind of gooey sentimentality, maybe even a warm, romantic type of love. But is this an accurate depiction of Biblical love, or are we missing the mark?

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Resting In The Lord

What do we mean when we tell our brother/sister in Christ to “Rest in the Lord”? I’m going to break away from the deeper apologetics for this post to offer a classic Luc’s Novelties message.

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Harmonizing the OT Law: The Omnipotent Bible?

Closing our series on the harmonization of the Old Testament law we take a look at a common objection by the critics. If the Bible isn’t relevant to us today, does that mean it isn’t the Word of God?

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Harmonizing the OT Law Part. 2 Examining the Objections

In part one of our look at the OT (Old Testament) law and its application in our lives today we ended by proposing a look at some common objections to what we had laid out in part one. So, let’s see what the skeptics have cooked up….

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Harmonizing the Old Testament Law Pt.1: Categorizing the Law

The role of the Old Testament law in the life of a Christian has caused quite a bit of confusion over time. What laws should we obey and what role does it play in our lives today? In this series, we’ll explore just that.

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Prayer: Contextualizing Matthew

Continuing our series on prayer we’ll look at a verse commonly cited by both critics and believers alike in defense of a literal prayer promise: Matthew 18:19

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Have the Gifts Ceased? (1 Corinthians 13:8)

Have the gifts of the Spirit ceased? Has the Holy Spirit ceased His work and manifestation? Let’s take a look at this dividing doctrine.

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Prayer: The Objective of Our Prayers

In part one of this series we established the object of our prayers, that God is the healing, not the one who heals outside of Himself. But if God Himself is the answer to our prayers, why pray at all?

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The Foolishness of Atheism? (Psalm 14:1)

While I’m working on the second entry to the series on prayer I thought I’d take some time to write a short correction of our common misuse of Psalm 14:1.

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Prayer: The Object of Our Prayers

It’s time to begin another series on a topic commonly found in objections to the Christian faith. In this introduction, we examine the object of prayer itself.

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The Concept of Clean and Unclean

When the Bible talks about ritual purity and laws regarding clean and unclean practises, it’s vitally important to note the social context of such passages in order to attain a clearer understanding.

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An Intro to Biblical Exegesis.

An exceptional introduction to a vital aspect of Biblical knowledge by fellow apologist James Bishop.

James Bishop's Theology & Apologetics.


Much of our Biblical Studies course focuses on the art of biblical interpretation. We do this by analysing our biblical text via three key lenses: the world-behind-the-text, the world-of-the-text and the world-in-front-of-the-text. This builds a solid foundation upon which we can perform exegetical work. We shall touch on the importance of exegesis (interpreting a text) as well as very briefly on the three lenses just mentioned.

Why is interpretation necessary? Why is it important?

The obvious case is that the Bible, independent of the book we focus on, is an act of communication between an author (the sender) and an audience (the receivers). There is intentionality behind our biblical texts whether that would be the author trying to get his audience to change their minds or behaviour about circumstances. In other words, our authors have goals and reasons for why they are writing in the first place.

However, we must…

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Bible Contradictions: Micah 7:18 vs. Jeremiah 17:4

It’s time to answer another quick Bible contradiction offered by the skeptics. This one is on the issue of God’s anger.

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Religion Vs. Relationship?

“Christianity is a relationship, not a religion,” is one of the church’s most popular phrases. But is it true? Are relationship and religion really polar opposites?

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