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Come Expecting?


Have you ever heard the phrase, “Come expecting a miracle”? What happens when the miracle doesn’t seem to come? Maybe we’re looking for the wrong miracles.

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Apologetics: Introduction, and Was Religion Made Up Just to Sugar-Coat the Fear of Death?

For the second post in this apologetic series, J.S. Park answers an all too common objection against religion: that it was simply created to avoid the fear of death, but first, an introduction

In my first post, I shared a video by J. Warner Wallace on the Origin of Life. While I still hold that the video proposed a reasonable argument, I could have given a little more detail into why I decided to begin this series.

So awhile back, I was watching some of my favourite pastors on youtube when this vid by an atheist named Hemant Mehta appeared on the sidebar. It was called,  22 Reasons To Stop Believing in God. Some of the objections were comical to say the least, even from my uneducated mind on the matter, but others I found I didn’t have an answer to. I turned the video off, and said I wasn’t going back. Well, I ended up watching a few more and wondering what else I didn’t know. I found I knew very little. I couldn’t defend my faith, I couldn’t answer their objections. That’s when I began searching. I desperately wanted to know who was right, what was the truth. I read every atheistic blog post, watched the arguments and videos. Same with religion, I devoured everything I could find. Eventually, after much searching, I found the arguments held by atheists to be lacking. I still had questions, but they couldn’t provide an answer. However, what I have found has been compelling, to say the least, and right now, I proudly proclaim that my faith in Christ is well planted.

There are those like me who are searching, desperate to know if their faith is true, or if their atheism is true. So the idea of an apologetic series sprung forth. With this series, I want to share all I’ve personally learnt and discovered throughout my journey, and some of my favourite videos and articles. What I hope is that I can provide a guide to aid those questioning.

So onto the argument. A common objection against religion I’ve seen is that man created it simply to avoid the fear of death. I think fellow blogger J.S. Park answers this objection beautifully here:

J.S. Park

gollywholly asked a question:

Have you ever read “The Worm at the Core” by Sheldon Solomon et al? It’s about death, and basically the theory is that everything we do and believe in is to mitigate our fear of death. It follows from that that religion, and our belief in Jesus, is just a way to mitigate our fear of death. And this is messing with my head big time. What do you think?

Hey dear friend, I’m sorry for my late reply. I’ve been on a break (due to a breakdown) but still checking my inbox, and I really love this question.

I actually studied this very phenomenon for my undergrad in Psychology, also known as “Terror management theory” or “Mortality Salience.” The basic idea is that death is inevitable, so we must give meaning to life. Therefore, religion and culture and identity are responses to death. We…

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What is so Wrong with Christian Music?

It’s a question a lot of us have attempted to answer, but are we looking at it the right way?

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Apologetics: How the Origin of Life Points to God

I’ve seen it happen all the time. I’ve seen Christians turn from their faith because of something an atheist said or because of an argument. I’ve heard testimonies such as, “I read my Bible and saw it for what it truly is, and now I’m an atheist.” I’ve read all the arguments, all the debates. I’ve seen both sides stumble and present arguments that are flawed and illogical. So I want to start a new series, sharing various thoughts and videos on the reason and evidence of God’s existence, and possibly help those questioning what is true.

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Dating Around?

I recently shared a link on the subject of dating called Courtship in Crisis. It mainly addressed the benefits of traditional dating vs. courting. It provided some good points and guidelines, and I thought it was great (hence why I shared it), however, after some prayer, guidance, and study, I began to wonder if the idea of dating around was really the best idea.

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The Wonderful Blood of Jesus

The new year is here, and to begin this new story, we should first look at, and be thankful for, where our story began: the wonderful blood of Jesus Christ.

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New Year’s Gift: A Current Affair Skit

This is a skit we filmed during December, parodying the Australian news program, A Current Affair. The original version can be found on youtube (though it does contain some language).

Best Albums of 2015

Here they are, my favourite albums of 2015!

Best of 2015: Albums

Christmas: The Small Ones

It’s Christmas! For this year’s final post (not counting my year end best of list), I thought what better subject to share than Christ’s love for such lowly men as us. And also to share one of my very favourite Disney shorts, Don Bluth’s The Small One.

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How C.S. Lewis Felt About Everything

C.S. Lewis was one of the most prolific authors to come around. Here are 37 quotes that will get you thinking (and maybe praying).

J.S. Park

Today marks fifty years since the passing of C.S. Lewis, as well as JFK and Aldous Huxley.

C.S. Lewis has been the most influential Christian writer in my spiritual journey. He has shaped my spirituality more than any other writer I know. I do not agree with all he says (when do we ever find such a person anyway?) — but he is absolutely a kindred soul. I also love his tales of pulling pranks on his dear hapless friends.

Except for Jesus, he will be the first one I speak with at length in Heaven.

To commemorate, some of my favorite Lewis quotes.

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The Search For Evidence

Has someone ever asked you, “Where is your evidence?” It would be best if God could appear and answer, right? Or maybe it wouldn’t.

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The Truth of Freewill

The concept of freewill gets tossed around a lot by both Christians and nonbelievers. The question is, do we have freewill, and can we live our lives the way we want?

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The Void We Deny

Could we really live in a God-less environment, or is there a void secularism cannot fill?

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Former atheists speak. 44 Quotes:

To end this series of posts on regarding our home in Christ, I thought I’d share this amazing post from the blog, Historical Jesus Studies, by James Bishop. It contains 44 quotes by Atheist’s who became Christians and found their home. Well worth the read!

Historical Jesus studies.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 4.30.02 PM

Here follows a list of quotes I’ve collected and compiled from over the last two or so years (my digital quote library is bursting at its edges!). There is no particular form that these quotes take, rather each is from the unqiue story of each former atheist. Where possible, I’ve left links that readers can follow to find out more about each conversion testimony, or articles that they’ve authored. The others are predominantly from books that i’ve read.

Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective, assistant professor of apologetics at Biola University, Christian case maker and author. He was once a vocal atheist.

  • “In the end, I came to the conclusion that the gospels were reliable eyewitness accounts that delivered accurate information about Jesus, including His crucifixion and Resurrection. But that created a problem for me. If Jesus really was who He said He was, then Jesus was God Himself. If…

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The Home He’s Preparing

In my last post, I talked about Jesus preparing a home for us in Heaven. But that’s not the end of the story.

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